Dust Breathing & Corona Safety Filtered Mask

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Details: USER FOR In order for any mask to perform to its maximum it must ba able to seal properly around the nose and mouth so that as much of the air that is being inhaled,is actually passing through the filter.If is not passing through the filter then,no matter how effective the filter is,the user wil still be inhaling unfiltered air. FITTING INSTRUCTIONS 1.With nosepiece facing away from you.holding the earloop strap in each hand with the nosepiece up. 2.Ppsition the respirator under the chin. 3.Pull each strap over the ear.Adjust the straps as comfortable as possible. 4.Place the fingertips of both hands at the tops of the nosepiece.Mold the nosepiece to the shape of the nose bridge by pushing inwards while moving your finger tips down both sides of the nosepiece.Pinching the respirator nosepiece using only one hand may result in less effective respirator fit. It is vary important to press the nosepiece firmly to the nose bridge to form a good seal. The replacing time of filter and valves The effective working life of the mask filters depends on a number of factors,such as:the breathing rate of the user;ambient levels of pollution;the length of time the filter is actively working;hygiene levels.Taking these factor into account wo recommend that the filter should be replaced every month,whichever is sooner. The Valves should need replacing on a regular basis assuming that they are maintained properly. On the valve,it is essential that you locate the two pins,nearest the hinge,properly into the body of the valve,and check that they are seated properly.

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